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ADGA Registered Nubian Goats


Also Available:

Eggs (year-around), Goat Milk (year-around), Rabbits (spring) & Hens (late summer/fall).

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Spring of each year.... We usually have kids for sale, usually both bucks and does. Email to find out what we have this year. All kids we sell are healthy and ready for new homes. We DO NOT disbud our kids, so if you want yours disbudded, you need to buy them soon so that it won't be too late.

  • $150.00 for Doe kids.  All paperwork necessary for registration is included.

  • $100.00 for Buck kids.  All paperwork necessary for registration is included.


We usually have the following available in season....

  • Raw Goat Milk $6.00 per gallon late spring, summer, and early fall.  RAW // NOT PASTURIZED.

  • Farm fresh eggs from range-fed chickens, $3.00 per dozen. If you have egg cartons, please bring them to exchange.

  • We often have hens for sale late summer/early fall, prices vary.

  • Rabbits in season, prices vary.


Stud Service available...

  • Stud: Robinett's-Caprines Kasperman


                            DOB: 7/05/2015

                            Sire: Robinett's-Caprines Canduman

                            Dam: Robinett's-Caprines Party Girl

                            Description: Brown; White markings; Black trim

                            Description of kids sired: Red or brown w/ various white markings, stockings, and frosted ears.

  • Basic Service, $30.00: Bring your doe for the day and take her back same day.

  • Extended Service, add $15.00 per night: Bring your doe and leave her here with our stud for one night=$45.00, two nights=$60.00, etc.

  • Call 479-632-4693 or Email for more information.


Located in Kibler, Arkansas, which is too small for a post office, so our mail comes through Alma.

        Mailing Address:  710 W. Redbud Lane

                                       Alma, AR  72921-7247

        Phone:  479-632-4693

        Owner:  Selina Rosen



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